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We have public address (PA) and outdoor generator systems for hire for any occasion
We have PA and audio-visual (AV) hire solutions for bands, functions, conferences, parties, auctions, weddings or wherever quality sound reinforcement is needed. Systems are delivered and set-up by experienced sound engineers. 

We supply quality, reliable, brand name equipment.

PA Hire for corporate functions, presentations or weddings - Sydney metropolitan area.
We also hire audio-visual equipment for conferences, auctions, presentations and corporate applications.
Popular corporate configurations of our PA Hire systems

Daily hire prices include GST* 

Small PA system
10 - 50 people

1 x Powered 200W speaker (JBL EON10 or similar), 1 x speaker stand, handheld Shure microphone (Wired), microphone stand,  mixer with reverb (or use the speaker's internal mixer). Cabling to suit venue.


Medium PA system
50 - 150 people

2 x Powered 200W speakers (JBL EON10 or similar), 2 x speaker stands,  1 x Shure microphones w/stands, mixer with reverb and  EQ. Cabling to suit room size.


Large PA system
150 - 300 people

4 x Powered 200W (JBL or similar) Speakers w/stands, 2 x Shure Microphones, mixer with reverb,
Cabling to suit.


Party Pack / DJ
80 - 300 people

2 x 18" full range PA 400W speakers with subwoofers, power amplifier and mixer. Give your party the full disco experience with thumping bass notes and clear treble. Supplied with iPod (or MP3/CD) cable so you can play your favourite songs all night long. Hire inquiries from DJs are most welcome.

Delivery Extra
(Sydney area)

*Minimum delivery/setup pickup within 10km from Bondi during business hours $50. Additional $1/km (each way) as well as tolls apply beyond this area. Please add $50 for Weekend or after hours delivery or pickup.

Other system configurations available as required.
Long term hire available at competitive rates.

We can supply cabling from your PC or notebook into our system for multimedia presentations.


Add-ons: (available as add-ons to the above systems. If hired separately, a minimum $30 delivery/pickup charge will apply).

Lectern optional gooseneck microphone(s)
 daily hire:

Wireless Handheld or lapel microphone or headset microphone. 100metre range.
daily hire:

UHF Wireless Guitar systems also available.

Pair of 500W  floodlights on tripods.
daily hire:

4 x PAR 56 (300W each) lights on tripod including colour gels
daily hire:$80

Smoke Machine Hire (Fog machine)
3000 cubic ft/minute
daily hire

18000 cubic ft/minute
daily hire

We can provide professional Audiovisual engineers to operate your hired PA at $55 per hour.
Our operators will provide you with peace of mind by monitoring the equipment, ensuring a smooth presentation.

Operating our PA systems outdoors (or where there are no power-points.)

 Outdoor Solution 1: Battery and Inverter Hire (Sydney).

This solution is ideal for both indoor and outdoor situations where there is no access to a
power point. The battery/inverter combination will operate our small PA systems for
2 hours and a medium PA system for 1 hours. The battery is the deep-cycle type (not a car battery).

** Hire rates applicable when the inverters/batteries are hired with a PA system. For inverters hired separately, please add $25 for delivery/pickup in Sydney metro.

Heavy duty battery & 240V Inverter
$99 per day**

 Outdoor Solution 2: Outdoor Generator Hire (Sydney). You can now operate the PA system you hire from us for 6 -8 hours where there is no access to a power point. These are silenced (silent) generators which will not interfere with the PA system and are suitable for parks, the beach or anywhere low noise operation is required.

If you are organizing an outdoor function or you do not have access to 240V mains power, we have petrol and diesel powered generators to power your event. These are especially suitable for our hired PA systems but can also be used for lighting and other mains applications. Our smallest generator is rated at 950VA peak,  which means it can power our largest PA system. We also have 2.5KVA (peak) petrol generators. We can provide generator sets of up to 12KVA. Three (3) Phase generators are also available on request. Please click here for full Details.
** Daily hire rates applicable when the generators are hired with our PA systems. For generators hired separately, please add $40 for delivery and pickup in the Sydney metropolitan area. Prices include petrol.
We recommend that you hire one of our operators for generators of 2.4KVA or above.

950VA Generators
$99 per day**

2.5KVA Generators
$199 per day**

Data Projector Hire

Daily hire prices include GST, delivery, set-up and pickup* 

Data projectors for Power Point presentations, VHS or Movie projection. Available in various
brightness configurations.

1000  LUMEN Projector hire $  99*
2200 LUMEN Projector hire $139
3000 LUMEN Projector hire $

Screen Hire
We have a solution for any size venue. From tripod screens to full size Cinefold with surround draping.


200 x 150cm Projector Screen Hire   $40
240 x 180cm Projector Screen Hire  $50

* Free delivery is only applicable if projectors and/or screens are hired with our PA systems in Sydney area.

Please ask us for long term PA and Projector hire rates. For more information, please go to our
Projector Hire page.

PA Band Hire Sydney metro area. 
Quoted prices are for "dry hire" (customer picks up/operates/drops back). If you would like us to deliver, perform sound checks, operate and pack down, please add $55 per hour.

We have Public Address (PA) systems packs for all occasions. From corporate musicians where the highest quality audio is required to heavy rock bands where a thumping bass is a must. Front of house power from 800W to 2500W is available.
Our PA systems include all cables, stands and hardware. 

Band PA hire 800W (PEAK) CLUB PACK: All equipment as listed below - $399 per day/night.
This PA is suitable for pop to soft rock and audiences of up to 200 in small /medium venues, RSL clubs. We have also used them outdoors with jazz bands. Can deliver/operate anywhere in Sydney - add $55 per hour.

4 x Shure microphones

SHURE Drum Microphones (set of 5 including stands) available for hire for $49 per night.

Daily hire: $399

1 x Behringer 2442FX (or similar) with digital reverb, 10 Microphone inputs.
Total 16 inputs.

2 x 15" Powered Speakers
400W Watts per channel (total 800W peak)
2 x Heavy duty speaker stands.

4 x 12" Floor Monitor/Foldback speakers. 200W per speaker.

Band PA hire 1200W (PEAK) ROCK PACK: Equipment as below with 2 FOH speakers - $499 per day
This PA is ideal for pop to medium rock and audiences of up to 300 in medium sized venues. Will also handle hard rock music for up to 150 people. Ideal PA hire solution for outdoors too. We will operate in the Sydney metro area for an additional $55 per hour.

Band PA hire 1600W (PEAK) WALL OF SOUND PACK: As above but with 4 FOH speakers  - $599 per day.
This is similar to the above system, but comes with 4 x 18" full range speakers for extra punch. Good for venues with 500ppl for middle of the road music or heavy rock for around 250ppl. Sufficient power for small outdoor festivals. Add $55p/hour for operator.

8 x Shure microphones

Drum Microphones (set of 5) add $49.
Daily hire: $499
With 2 x main speakers
Daily hire: $599
With 4 x main speakers


1xBehringer PMP Powered mixer (or similar) with reverb/echo.
20 channels

2 x 18" Subwoofers and power amplifier total 1200W (ROCK PACK) or same with 4x18" spkrs (pictured) 1600W (WALL OF SOUND PACK)

4 x 12" Floor Monitor/Foldback speakers. 200W per speaker.

Photos are for illustration purposes only. Actual hire components supplied may vary, but are functionally similar.

If you require band instruments (Guitars, Bass, Amps, Synthesizers and Stage Pianos), 
please visit our instrument hire page.

To hire a PA, please contact:
P.O.Box 272 Bondi 2026 
Phone: (02) 9389 8440
Fax: (02) 9389 2063

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