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Classical Guitar - Sale: $99 Delivery $12 Australia-wide. 

M Series Classical Guitar
Full Size 39" Fingerboard
Includes Shoulder Strap

These guitars are Nylon string acoustics which are ideal
as an entry level instrument.

Apart from classical style, they also suit finger picking, blues
playing styles. 

Colours: Natural, Blue, Red and Black.

Acoustic Electric Guitar - Sale: $199 Delivery $12 Australia-wide..

This quality guitar can be used as a standard acoustic steel string or it can be plugged into an amplifier.

It comes with a shoulder strap.

The built in four band parametric equalizer and volume controls, give maximum flexibility to tone and dynamic control.

The guitar is beautifully finished in natural lacquer and has a nice action and tone.

This is an ideal guitar for the beginner or intermediate player or as a second guitar.

Colours: Natural, Red, Black and Blue.


Electric Guitars (Fender Strart style) - Sale: $199 Delivery $12 Australia-wide..

3 single Coil Pick-Ups.
3 Ply Pick guard.
Vintage Style.
2 Tones 1 Volume Control.
Maple Wood Neck.
Rosewood Fingerboard.
Solid Body.
Tremolo Included.
Amplifier Compatible.
Whammy Bar.
Includes Lead & Shoulder Strap.

These are every bit as good as the Squire Stratocasters for a fraction of the price.

Ideal electric guitar for beginners to intermediates.

Colours: Sunburst, Natural, Black & Blue.

Electric Bass Guitars - Sale: $239 Delivery $12 Australia-wide.

3 Single Coil Pick-Ups (one split).
2 Tone & 1 Volume Control.
Maple Wood Neck.
Rosewood Finger Board.
Includes Lead & Shoulder Strap.
Colours:  Natural, Blue and Red.

These are great entry level to intermediate bass guitars.

Similar to Yamaha and Ibanez electric bass guitars costing
more than twice our price.

Electric Guitar Amplifier 40W - Sale: $195
40Watt Electric or electric/acoustic guitar amp. Featuring equalization (Treble, bass), Clean and overdrive channels, Notch Gain: 100HZ-350HZ, Shape: 1KHZ, Return & Send, SPEAKER: 8 OHM 10', Headphone jack, Weight 11KG PGA50.

Great for practice and jamming.

Bass Guitar Amplifier 30W - Sale:$165
30 Watt Bass guitar amplifier. Treble, Bass, CD input, Notch Gain 100HZ to 350HZ, Shape 1KHZ, Return & Send, 8" SPEAKER, Headphone Jack.

Ideal for practice and jamming.

Delivery: $12 Australia-wide for either electric guitar or bass guitar amplifier.

We ship our guitars to: Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Hobart, Perth, Darwin as well as all other regions in NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, Queensland, Northern Territory and ACT.

Our instruments carry a one year warranty (On "Return to Base" basis Melbourne)

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